Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why choose a Caribbean medical school over a US based school

There are many options out there for students interested in a career in medicine. One of the newer options are the wide range of medical schools available in the Caribbean. While there are numerous differences between the available options, there are some distinct advantages to choosing a school in the Caribbean, as long as you consider the accredited Caribbean Medical Schools.

One reason many students choose a Caribbean medical school is because they are less restrictive. While Caribbean medical schools are still selective, they accept a wider range of students. This can be a good fit for a student with an MCAT score that isn't ideal or a GPA that is slightly lower than the average for a US based medical school. This means you can still become a doctor, which may not otherwise be a possibility.

Another advantage the medical schools in the Caribbean offer is a lower tuition cost. You can save money by choosing a Caribbean school, since not only is the tuition less, but often the cost of living is lower on one of the islands than it would be around a US based medical school. In addition, this means your dollar will be able to stretch further. This is a definite bonus when you are attending school full time and spending a lot of time studying.

Caribbean schools also offer fewer distractions. The friends you make on the island will likely be your fellow medical school students. This means that everyone needs to spend a lot of time studying and you are less likely to feel inclined to blow it off in order spend time with your friends. This can help you do better in school. Another advantage that will likely increase your GPA is the fact that the class sizes are smaller. This means you have more chances to interact with your professors and will get more attention. This also helps you learn better and will allow you to have more of a connection with the faculty at your medical school. This will also help you to procure better reference letters.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to a Caribbean medical school, however, is the location. The Caribbean offers year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, and an amazing setting. It allows you to experience an exotic vacation during the times when you are not bogged down with studying. This can help you feel less stress during your education.

While a Caribbean medical school is located outside of the United States, their education is modeled after the US based schools. They utilize the same texts, courses, and tests. In the end, the Caribbean offers you the education of a US medical school, but with many additional benefits.


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