Monday, July 8, 2013

How to survive Medical School

Medical School is one of the most difficult things you will face during your educational career. One of the reasons getting into medical school is so difficult is because the time, energy, and effort required once you succeed in getting into medical school is huge. However, there are definitely things you can keep in mind, as well as things you can do in order to survive your medical school experience, no matter which medical school you choose to attend.

The first thing you need to do is remember that most medical students have type A personalities and are extremely competitive.  However, it is important to try to enjoy the first two years of medical school. This is the time where you take classes that help you learn the basic medical concepts in order to prepare yourself for future patient interaction. This is the time that is spent in the classroom. While it is important to study and do well, it is also important to realize that almost all of your measured performance, at least all that will be looked at for your future career, will take place during your third and fourth years.  It will be helpful if you spend time studying each day, rather than cramming before any tests or quizzes. While you want to make sure you pass your tests and that you do well, you should try not to stress about acing them. Take time to enjoy yourself as well. Down time is definitely an important survival tool. When you do study, pay attention to the tips and techniques that work best for your particular learning. While medical school is more work, and is a different kind of work, if you know what studying techniques work best for you it will help you succeed.

Another important piece of advice is to take the time to explore what you are interested in and be aware of everything. Begin thinking about the next step in your career by looking at the specialties that are available and what opportunities there are. Medical school will fly by, so if you don't the time to think about your future, you won't be able to adequately prepare for it. Once you get into the third and fourth year of medical school, you will be dealing with a number of different people and personalities. This is true of the doctors you work with, as well as the patients you are now interacting with. Learn to speak concisely so you don't waste time during rounds on busy days, but make sure you continue to study to have a good knowledge base during rounds. You will need to be able to adept quickly, since you will have a number of patients, as well as personalities to deal with. You should also remember that , while it is important to take some downtime and get to know the residents, the patients will always come first. 

Throughout your medical school career, it is important to be efficient. There is a lot to learn and there isn't much time to do it in. Your study strategies and people skills are the most important tools you have to help you survive medical school and come out of it with an M.D.


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