Monday, June 24, 2013

The Advantages of a Foreign Medical School

There are many things to consider when you are looking at the possibility of attending a foreign medical school. While there are some disadvantages to this option, there are numerous advantages that often make this the best possible choice.

One of the big advantages to attending a foreign medical school is that you may graduate with more experience than students of US medical schools. These schools often offer hands on experience earlier than US schools do, and allow you to see first hand numerous illnesses and ailments that may not be common in the United States. This experience will add to your knowledge, as well as your skills.  In addition, since these schools usually have a much smaller student body, you will get more time with your professors and a greater chance to interact with and learn from the faculty at the school. Both of these things will likely help you to become a better doctor once you graduate.

Another distinct advantage of a foreign medical school is that it offers a chance to experience the world and see another culture, something that becomes less plausible as time goes on and you have a career. It also offers the chance to leave the possible distractions offered by your home, family, and friends. It is often easier to study when your friends and the people surrounding you need to study as well.
A foreign medical school often offers multiple time a year to apply, as well as to begin your medical school education and will likely have somewhat more lenient requirements. While they will still look at your GPA and MCAT scores, they won't require either to be as high as it would need to be for a US school to accept you. This means that it is an option for students that wouldn't be able to have the opportunity otherwise.  They are also more likely to accept less traditional candidates, such as older students and students who Additionally, while some foreign medical schools hold classes in other languages, there is a wide range of options in the Caribbean where the classes are taught in English and the schools mirror the US model. They have the same classes, books, and tests. In addition, their professors offer the same qualifications.

Foreign medical schools offer a number of advantages that make them a good choice for a wide range of students. These schools are an excellent opportunity for students who dream of becoming a doctor.


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