Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Study Medicine?

There are many reasons that people study medicine, and the high salary potential is nowhere near the top of the list. Few pre-med students indicate their future salary as one of the reasons they decide to study medicine.
In fact, most give their reasons as being far more altruistic. The biggest reason people have to study medicine and become a doctor s a desire to help others and make a difference. Most students entering medical school are well aware of the road that is ahead of them, filled with difficult tests, long hours, and years of study. They understand they will need to deal with blood, as well as cadavers, and they have accepted that without issue because they care deeply about other people and have a desire to help them.
The things you should consider when deciding if a career in medicine is for you, is what your reasons are and what you are looking to gain from your career. Future doctors should care about people and enjoy helping them using their skills, as well as their knowledge. They should also enjoy learning and coming to understand new things. Doctors have to constantly study and learn about new procedures, techniques, and diseases. It is a field that constantly changes. In addition, it requires years of study prior to even earning your medical degree. If you are going to study medicine, you need to enjoy learning, as well as have the desire and ability to dig deeper into subjects than what it usually required.
You should also be interested in the human body and its functions, since a successful doctor will spend a lifetime working on this. Medicine and the ways it can improve lives should be something you find fascinating. If you don't enjoy studying or learning this will not be the career for you. The road to your MD will be a long one requiring two years of studying the basic sciences before you even begin your clinical experiences. In addition, while medical school lasts for four years, you will have further education during your residency. This will last from three to seven years, depending on the specialty you want to study.  Doctors spend a lifetime learning about new discoveries, as well as new technologies that change the face of medicine. While the future earning potential can be high, most doctors do graduate with a considerable amount of debt. Given the time and energy it takes to earn an MD, as well as the time it will take to finish paying for your education, you need more than just a desire to make money as a motivator. The biggest motivator should be about what you are looking to spend your life on. If you don't have a passion for medicine, you should not begin studying it.


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